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Alejandro Pérez Heinze

Composer, Kontakt Developer & Sound Designer for Video Games

Hello! I'm Alejandro and I work on music and sound for video games. I have 5 years of experience working on projects of various sizes, from smaller mobile games to bigger productions like Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Feel free to explore my site to find out more about me, what I do and the projects I've worked on. If I sound like a good fit for your game, please contact me and let's talk about it!

What I Do

Sheet Music

My favorite thing is bringing games to life with music. No matter if it's through the beeps and boops of chiptunes or modern sounds and live recordings, music has a special power to elevate games. Reach out if your game needs original music and let's create something special together!

Besides being a composer, I'm also an audio engineer and programmer. My love for all of these fields came together in the creation of custom Kontakt libraries. I can handle all steps of the process, from sampling the instrument and editing the recordings all the way to creating the virtual instrument and programming the UI with specific functions. I've created various libraries from solo instruments to ensambles. You can hear some of them in action here!


My main instrument is the guitar, both acoustic and electric, and I love collaborating with fellow composers writing and performing guitar parts for their music. I play in a variety of styles such as blues, rock, metal and folk, but flamenco is one of my specialties! So feel free to contact me if your score needs any guitar parts and let's make some cool music!

Sound Design

Aside from music, I also love sound design! I really enjoy going out on the field to find and record unique sounds that can have an emotional impact and create a sonic identity for games together with the music. Having good sound design can really make or break a gaming experience!



Tell me about your project, ask me a question or just say hello!

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