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Here are some projects that feature either my music, sound design, custom virtual instruments or all of the above!

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cover Art

PS5, PS4 & PC Game

My main role in this project was creating the custom Kontakt libraries (of virtual instruments) that were used in the creation of the game's soundtrack. I also had a role in field recording, additional sound design, composing and recording guitar arrangements and composing one of the game's cues.

Thai Cave Rescue Netflix series cover art

Netflix Series

For this project I had the amazing opportunity to work with composer Austin Wintory. My role was to use the recorded performances of Thai musicians (that Austin provided) to create custom Kontakt instruments that were then used on the series' soundtrack.

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 16.41.22.png

Play Station VR2 Game

This game was another great chance to collaborate with Jason Gallaty, the composer for Kena: Bridge of Spirits. My contributions in this case include once again the creation of custom Kontakt libraries, recording guitar parts and additional composition, particularly of flamenco style music.


PC Game

Creating all of the music and sound design for this game was a very fun challenge, as the sound design plays an integral role in the game's mechanics and switching between retro style chip sounds and modern music and horror sounds constantly kept me on my toes.

Molgera Cover Art

Music Single

This was my first collaboration with Theophany and a very fun track to work on. I composed and performed all of the flamenco guitar parts, which include a solo I'm really happy with. As a big fan of The Legend of Zelda series, and with flamenco being one of the main styles I specialize in, this project is very near to my heart.

Time's End 2 album cover art

Music Album

I had the pleasure of composing and performing the guitar arrangements for couple of tracks in Theophany's Time's End II. Although this wasn't our first collaboration, it was particularly exciting for me since I was such a big fan of the first Time's End album!

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